Most Popular Pet Insurance Companies For Your Labrador Retriever

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Many Labrador owners may wonder if they should purchase pet insurance. Here we will look at the most mentioned pet insurance companies on our Labrador Retriever Group on Facebook (Just like the articles we made on toys, beds, etc, we counted every mention in thousands of comments and came up with a consolidated list). Then we will delve into what our group members say about pet insurance in general and if they believe that it’s worth the cost. (Most upvoted comments).

Is pet insurance worth it for labradors?

Princess Bella Rose. By Deseray Hardwick


#1 Trupanion

Trupanion is a pet insurance provider founded in 1999 that is based in Seattle, WA. The founder, and current CEO Darryl Rawlings, founded the company in Canada as Vetinsurance. The company provides both dog and cat insurance and serves the United States, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Canada.

#2 Nationwide

Nationwide has been in the insurance industry since 1926 and is headquartered in Columbus, OH. It was started by the Ohio Farm Bureau. Pet insurance was first offered in 2009 after they acquired the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company. The current CEO is Kirt Walker.


#3 Embrace

Embrace was founded in 2003 by Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik. The company is based out of Ohio. They are a member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. The company develops personalized plans for both cats and dogs in the United States.


Is Pet Insurance Worth It According to Labrador Owners?

Here are 6 Reasons Why it might be…

1.    It is affordable.

You may be surprised to know that many pet owners do not take their Labs to the vet simply because they can not afford it. In a recent study, the APPA(American Pet Products Association), found that 84.6 million homes in the US have pets. Of the individuals that responded to the study, only 12% of them indicated they own a pet insurance policy.

The study also showed that 28% of pet owners have found obstacles to their vet care simply because they can not afford to take their dog or cat to the veterinarian.


However, you may be surprised at how much the policy will pay for itself with a pet policy. One member of our Labrador group, Sara Friedman, said she found this insurance to be well worth it because she had just “left the vet for the millionth time” with her ten-year-old pup. Each time she takes her pet to the vet, there are various fees incurred, from an office visit to a physical exam to charges for any number of tests the vet may run on the pet. Friedman knows this can add up quickly, therefore, she highly recommends pet insurance.


Grace Chen, another member of our Facebook group, said she greatly encourages pet insurance for Lab owners. She stated her first lab passed away 6 months ago from an aggressive kind of cancer. The pet insurance paid for itself during the lab’s first ER visit and covered his multiple surgeries.

Overall between all the ER visits, surgeries, and chemotherapy, it was around $30,000 which Grace stated they got back a decent portion of it.


2.    Vet costs are rising.

Veterinary costs are rising as inflation soars. A dental cleaning for your Lab may cost anywhere from $70 to $400, while a checkup may start off at $50. Vaccines generally run between $15 to $30 depending on which one is needed, while a heartworm test is around $50. If your pooch needs IV fluids or a catheter, you can expect to pay up to $75 while a blood test may cost as much as $400.


Even procedures that are done daily at a vet’s office, such as spaying and neutering, are rising in cost. There are some insurance plans that will help to cover a portion of the cost of spaying or neutering.


Nicole Casali said that her insurance plan includes $250 off a spay or neuter.


3.    It is still needed when following a healthy diet and exercise plan.

But what about if you intend on feeding your Lab a healthy diet and following an exercise plan? Will pet insurance be worth the cost then?


Even if you feed your Labrador the best food possible and follow a strict exercise plan, accidents or health changes may occur. Your pet could have genes of having cancer or another ailment. Labradors are susceptible to having joint issues, such as hip dysplasia. While eating good kibble or even raw food and exercising will help these joint problems, your Labrador may still have trouble with them and need to see a vet.


Labradors also have a tendency to bloat easily as they devour food quickly.  These pups have been known to be overweight, so it is recommended to watch their diet. However, if you notice your pooch is bloated, a trip to the vet may be necessary.


Labs are known for ear infections as well since their big ears are the perfect place for bacteria to breed. Seeing a vet is advised so medications can be prescribed to heal the infection.


4.    Pet insurance can help you save money.

Even small changes in your pet’s behavior may warrant a trip to the vet. If your Lab has stopped eating or eats way more than he should, you should plan on taking him in to be seen. Should you notice your pup vomiting a lot, a vet should be seen in case they become dehydrated.


Our group member Stephanie Lulu said pet insurance is completely worth it. She pays $40 per month for her Labrador and she has found she has saved so much money. One trip to the emergency room she stated

“can easily put you in the thousands. Getting basic IV fluids and imaging already a couple hundred. Add medications, overnight care, physical exam costs, etc it all adds up fast. A healthy diet is not enough to prevent all diseases, injuries, and sicknesses. Stuff happens and you don’t want your financial situation to be the main deciding factor on treatment options for your baby”.


Kimberly Coleman tells people to get pet coverage. She said she read where a family had to pay lots for surgery for their Lab, and also remembers how they once had to pay $3,000 for one of their pups to have eye surgery. She recently got her own animal policy and said if her boy does indeed have cancer, she believes they will only have to pay a deductible of $250 with the rest of the treatment paid for.


5.    Pet insurance allows your Lab to get the care they need.

Many pet owners will not take their pets to the vet because they do not have the extra money to do so. However, when Lab owners have a pet insurance policy, there is no reason why they can not take their beloved pet to the vet.


A pet owner should never want to be in a position where their fur babies could not get the care they needed due to money. Karla Dalious Beichler said that for her, pet insurance was worth it because she knew that with it, her pooch would be able to obtain the care it needed from the vet.


Brandon Robert Aenlle said he spends about $200 on pet insurance per month. He has found that it has paid for itself and is worth all he has paid. He said his pup is his child and will never skimp on food or healthcare for him.  He also said there are various options, and he feels that even with the cheapest insurance, it is better than not having any coverage for a pet.

6.    Some Lab breeders are mediocre.

Some Labrador owners state they have never had pet insurance for any other pet they have had, so why would they need it for their Labrador? A good example of why you should have pet insurance for your Lab is because many people are not educated on their breeders when they first obtain a Lab.


One Lab owner in our group said his breeder was mediocre and simply not that great. Due to this, his pup cost him quite a bit in vet bills.


Wrap up

Many pet owners in our Labrador Retriever Group on Facebook have determined that pet insurance is well worth it when you have a Labrador. With various policies available from diverse insurers, there is sure to be one that is right for your fur baby.


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