Best Pet Cameras to Keep an Eye on Your Labrador Retriever

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For many pet owners, it is hard to leave their fur babies during the day. After all, they are a huge part of our families. But with the use of a pet camera, you can see them any time you want!

Cameras for labradors

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We have compiled a list from our Labrador Retriever Facebook Group of the best cameras for your Labrador.

So no matter if you are at work, on vacation, or simply running errands, these recommendations from our group are sure to please.



Top Recommendations

Our top three recommendations are the most mentioned in our Facebook group. We have compiled all the comments and the most mentioned products are listed here by order of recommendations


1. eufy Pet Dog Camera D605

eufy pet dog camera d605

The Eufy Pet camera will allow you to see your precious fur baby with a 170-degree wide lens with 1080p clarity in real-time. Equipped with night vision, you can see your pup better in the dark. This camera can be yours for $200.

Eufy also lets you share your videos with your family since multiple users can watch them at once. For every movement or noise detected, you can get a notification sent to your phone through the Eufy app. You can also record your own voice so you can keep your dog company while you are away.



  • Equipped with two-way audio
  • Daily diary feature
  • Has 16GB of local storage
  • Has a built-in treat dispenser, launching them up to 3 times the distance
  • Food can is dishwasher safe
  • Smart pet tracking
  • Night vision
  • Barking detection



  • Must use with its own app
  • Treat system may fire treats into your pup’s face

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Furbo 360° Dog Camera

Furbo 360° Dog Camera

With Realtime 2-way audio, the Furbo can be yours for $210. It works with Alexa, and when the camera picks up a barking dog, an alert will be sent to your phone. This sensor can be adjusted to your needs or turned off completely.  With AI technology, Furbo will remember your pup’s actions and behaviors to keep you up to date on exactly what they are doing while you are away.



  • One year warranty
  • Color night vision
  • Adjustable treat tosser
  • Auto dog tracking



  • Furbo Dog Nanny is only available with a subscription
  • Does not tilt vertically
  • Doesn’t have a local storage option
  • Doesn’t have a Google Assistant support

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Wyze V3 Pro

wyze v3 pro

Priced at just $50, this pet camera has 2K resolution with a built in spotlight. With an 89 decibel built-in user-activated siren, this pet camera provides more detail with the 80 integrated lumen spotlight. Wyze comes with unlimited cloud storage, back to back event recording, and has fewer false alarms.



  • Perfect for both pet and security camera
  • Color night vision
  • Powerful processor with Edge AI
  • Indoor/outdoor weather rated IP65
  • Works with both Alexa and Google Assistant



  • Will not work with Homekit
  • Some features need a subscription

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Are Pet Cameras Worth It For Labrador Owners?

Now that you know about the best cameras for your Labrador, you may wonder if these pet cameras are even worth it. The most frequent answer provided on our Facebook Labrador Retriever page is yes, they are worth it.

One of the biggest reasons lab owners have pet cameras is to keep tabs on their beloved fur babies.They work great during the day when you are at work, or when you go on vacation as well.

Aiko Kadota Sine said that having one of these cameras makes her feel safe as her husband travels quite a bit.

Tiffany Lynne McCall says that she never realized how handy the cameras would be.


If your Labrador has separation issues or anxiety, these cameras are quite helpful in soothing a pet that is in distress. With ones that offer 2 way talk, you will find that your voice can calm down the dog. Just hearing a familiar voice is sometimes all it takes.

Cindy Palladini McFarland says they bought a camera just to watch and talk to their boy when they are not home. Once he hears their voice, he begins to calm down.


If you will need a pet sitter, these cameras come in rather handy. Even if you trust the person pet sitting for you, it is still nice to be able to see your pets to assure you they are being well taken care of.  One of our Facebook users said that even though they feel bad saying it, they know the family member that stays with their dog does not like canines very well.

Cindy Noone Klehr said that they also had a very bad experience with a pet sitter so they decided a pet camera was the way to go.


Some pet cameras have treat dispensers on them so your pooch can have a treat or two while you are not home. Shannon Ripple says her Furbo does this and she likes it. Pet treat dispensers come in handy when a pup is anxious, pacing, barking, or licking. Tossing a treat or two will easily distract them.


Other pet owners said that cameras with built-in toys, such as a laser pointer is a great idea for pets that become bored easily, plus it is a great way to interact with your puppy throughout the day. (Note that I don’t recommend laser pointers for dogs).

There are also pet cameras that come with a tele-vet feature that will help you determine if your precious fur ball needs to see a vet in person. The app will allow you to chat with a licensed vet where you can show them the footage to help them determine if you need to take your pet in. In many cases, cameras that have this feature will have a subscription service to go with it.

Many of our pet owners in our Labrador Facebook group have determined that a pet camera is needed when you have a Labrador or other pet. With various cameras from different brands, they come with different features, subscriptions, prices, and specs. There is one out there that is perfect for you and your lab.



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