The Labrador Lover Facebook page was created back in 2013, the same year I graduated from my veterinary school. It was just a page to share pictures and videos of my Labs.

People started messaging me and asking questions, sometimes very specific medical questions, This is wrong for several reasons: it’s unethical because it doesn’t constitute a valid¬†veterinarian-client-patient relationship; it may be illegal in some states as well.

For that reason I created the Labrador Retriever Group on Facebook, so people can find a place to discuss everything related to Labradors. The group soon became one of the fastest growing dog groups on Facebook, and because some questions (mostly asking for product recommandations, such as toys, brushes etc) were always the same, I made this website as an archive. It will have the most popular products and services used by Labrador owners, and maybe I will add some more resources later on.

If you have any questions, you can message me on Facebook.